Sean Friese
A Busy Developer - Graphic Artist - eLearning Guy



I'm a senior software engineer at Ancile Solutions, Inc. While my focus is typically around eLearning application development and consulting on web-based training projects, relying on standards such as SCORM and AICC, I've been flexing my development muscles in other areas, such as cloud-based offerings.

I dabble heavily in full-stack web application development across a few different platforms, creating software simulation and rapid development tools, custom eLearning frameworks and template-based systems, and UI/UX. I also have experience as a Scrum Master and team leadership/mentoring, but that has not been my primary focus recently.

I frequently engage in consulting tasks within the eLearning industry, where I do my part in sharing my knowledge and attempt to keep in touch with others facing their own challenges, while becoming familiar with emerging standards in the process. I've been known to take on some "normal" web projects to help folks out here and there as well.

On a personal note, I am a very happy husband and father to 4 great kids. I'm usually kept rather busy one way or another, like practicing martial arts at Chung Mu Do with my 3 sons, and working with Motive Learning on a number of projects. There's always something new to try out there.

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