Sean Friese
A Busy Developer - Graphic Artist - eLearning Guy



I'm a Principal User Experience (UX) Team Lead at uPerform, among other things. While my focus is typically around eLearning application development and consulting on web-based training projects, relying on standards such as SCORM and AICC, I've been flexing my development muscles in several other areas these days.

I dabble heavily in full-stack web application development across a few different platforms, creating software simulation and rapid development tools, custom eLearning frameworks and template-based systems, and UI/UX. I also have experience as a Scrum Master and team leadership/mentoring, but that has not been my primary focus in recent years.

I frequently engage in consulting tasks within the eLearning industry, where I do my part in sharing my knowledge and attempt to keep in touch with others facing their own challenges, while becoming familiar with emerging standards in the process.

On a personal note, I am a very happy husband and father to 4 great kids. I'm also kept rather busy working with Motive Learning on a number of fulfilling projects, including the MotiveLMS.

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